Lunch n’ Learn: Conscious design leadership – how to navigate tension without losing your cool

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Jodine Stodart

Many of us choose human centred design because we see it as an opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives through the products and services we help create. Satisfying a need in us to do something good. Sometimes those good intentions can be thwarted by the many business and technical challenges that get in the way of delivering the product or service the way we originally intended it. 

What if we are able to see the normal challenges of every design project and the relationships and tensions involved, as serving us and shaping us, to be better people? This is the essence of conscious design leadership.

In this lunch and learn, find out what Conscious Design Leadership is and isn’t, learn about the ‘three lines of work’, a key framework from regenerative design theory, and come away with some guides to practicing conscious leadership every day.

Speaker Bio

Currently in the role of Service Design Director at BNZ, Jodine also offers coaching and consulting services across a range of disciplines – UX research, service design and leadership through her business Fireside Consulting. Jodine is the cofounder of UXCONNECT, a monthly meet up online for leading designers and researchers in Aotearoa.

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