Loving the Pietree 2.0

We've recently released the second major version of Treejack's Pietree and I think you're going to love it. The Pietree shows which way your participants went at each junction in your content hierarchy and what they all selected as their final answers. Performing a tree test and benchmarking a Pietree from your existing structure against a proposed new design is the best way we know to validate that your information architecture and your content labeling strategy is correct before moving on to wireframing and visual design.

You can see the new version right now by logging into your account and opening up any of your old Treejack studies or view our interactive Treejack results demo, and:

  1. Navigate to the Task Results tab, and
  2. Click on "View the Pietree" for each of the individual tasks

Correct Path Highlighting & Color Scheme

It's the little things. We've put bold green rings around all items on the "correct paths" to make them stand out. Don't forget though, it's everywhere else people went that you might need to look at more closely! We've also gone and changed the rest of your tree from red to a cool grey to indicate that these paths aren't necessarily wrong but you haven't marked them as correct.

The Pietree's Correct Path Highlight The Pietree's Correct Path Highlight


Contextual Detail

The new hover boxes that you can see as you move your mouse over each item in the tree now give you both the actual number of decisions at a given point as well as the percentages.

The Pietree's new hover box The Pietree's new hover box


Downloadable Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) File

Now this is really exciting. You can now save your Pietree as a static SVG file and open it using Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (free!). This means you can add annotations, your logo etc and create posters or other images for presentations. Pietrees look great at 4' x 4' big!

Faster Pietree Layout Engine

Under the hood the new Pietree is much faster. You may or may not notice a difference if you're using Chrome, but if you're using any other browser I think you'll see it for sure :-)

Features Removed

We've pulled out a bunch of features too. Sometimes less really is more!

Empty nodes - at first we thought we'd want to compare the tree across tasks and thus the layout should be consistent for easy comparison (and that is best achieved by showing the whole tree, even the nodes that attracted no clicks) but it turns out that we just don't do that. So gone they are. This has made a massive speed improvement for large trees too.

Time Taken per click - the way we were showing this information just wasn't very useful. We might revisit this by dreaming up a new visualisation for the time data, but right now if it isn't useful then it's confusing. Gone.

Click to zoom - we used to let the user zoom in on the piechart when clicked. Besides being a somewhat awkward animation we just didn't think this provided any value. Gone!

Round 3

If you have suggestions for improving the Pietree even more please feel free to leave comments here or send us an email to support@optimalworkshop.com.

Published on Jun 04, 2012
Andrew Mayfield

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