Join our user research panel and help improve our tools


Would you like to share your experiences using Optimal Workshop’s tools or help us test new features? Here’s your chance!

We’ve recently added the ability for any Optimal Workshop customer to opt-in to our user research panel. By joining the research panel, this means that we’ll contact you when we’re conducting research that you could help us with. This could include online surveys, interviews, in-person or remote user testing, or other kinds of research from time to time.

As a taster, over the past few months we’ve run sessions with paper prototypes to test concepts for improving the OptimalSort interface on mobile devices, carried out in-depth user interviews on how teams organize their qualitative research to inform upcoming changes to Reframer. Most recently, we shared an online survey to better understand the environments our customers work in (organization and team size, industry etc.) and how frequently they carry out various research tasks.

If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in, we’d love to have you on board!

How do I join the research panel?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to join the research panel. Simply sign in to your Optimal Workshop account, head to your My Profile page and check the ‘Opt in to our research panel’ box. That’s it!


Once you’ve opted in, keep an eye out for an email from us; it will likely be either myself or Ania who will get in touch with you. We’ll share the details of the research activity and you can decide whether you’d like to take part or not. We understand that sometimes the time isn’t right — maybe you have a major deadline looming (argh!) or are about to head away on holiday (yay!) — so if this is the case, just let us know and we’ll keep you in mind for next time.

If you decide at any point that you no longer want to be part of the panel, simply uncheck the box in your My Profile section. We promise we won’t hold it against you, and you’re welcome to come back at any time that suits!

Why should I join?

As fellow researchers and designers, we know you understand that great things can’t be designed in isolation. Our mission is to make our tools the best they can be, and we can’t do this without learning about you, your work, what you love and what gets your goat. Through sharing your experiences with us, we’ll be able to take what we learn to make life easier for you. What do you have to lose!

We love connecting with our customers and we understand that your time is valuable, so if you do take part in any research with us, we’ll always offer a little thank you for your input. This could be a sweepstake prize for a survey, a voucher or a selection of local treats.

Optimal Workshop branded cardigans and coasters.

What if I’m not an Optimal Workshop customer?

For the moment, our research panel is only accessible for current customers, however we may look at extending this in the future. Of course, if you’re burning to help make the web a better place, where fewer people are getting lost, then why not join our user research platform? It’s completely free to sign up and you’ll have access to all of our world-class usability tools, not to mention the possibility of sharing your feedback through our brand new research panel!

Published on Aug 10, 2016
Rebecca Klee
  • Rebecca Klee
  • Rebecca is a user researcher at Optimal Workshop. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, found at

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