On being useful (and interesting)

Once upon a time there was a small UX consultancy in New Zealand. They tinkered away in their corner of the world and built tools to help them in their consulting practice.

Along came an Australian by the name of Donna Spencer. She said that we should put our tools online because other people would be interested in using them. So here we are.

Optimal Workshop build tools to help user experience designers be more effective (and more interesting to other people).

This blog is about sharing our experiences with tools, methods, lessons and generally anything that helps us as UX designers be more effective. If it helps us do our jobs better, or makes us more interesting to the business community, we'll talk about it.

Finally, we hope we will be useful and interesting to you, the reader.

Published on Mar 30, 2009
  • Sam Ng
  • Sam Ng is one of Optimal Workshop's founders.

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