Gettin' down with Markdown


We've made an exciting change to survey messages to support text formatting with Markdown!

What's all this?

Markdown is a simple way to style text on the web without needing to know any HTML. We've added support for basic Markdown syntax so that you can control the formatting of your messages with bold or italic text, lists, links, and images.

Markdown Editor

Why the switch?

It's simple, fast and clean. To format text, Markdown uses punctuation and characters you're already familiar with instead of mysterious and unforgiving HTML code. Markdown is safer. Instead of storing HTML markup in our database, we can store your survey messages as plain text. This helps to prevent dirty markup (language that uses tags to define certain elements within a document or text) creeping in when copy and pasting from other editing applications.

What do I need to do?

Nothing! We've converted your existing survey messages into Markdown so they will look just as they always did to your participants. In your survey settings you’ll notice a new text editor for messages. By default, messages will display in plain text and you can see how your formatting will look by toggling the Preview button.

The basics

Learn the basic syntax that we support here, or use the formatting toolbar and you'll quickly get the hang of it.


**This will be bold**
_This will be italic_
_You **can** combine them_


- Item one
- Item two
- Item three
1. Item one
2. Item two
3. Item three


Format: ![Alt Text](url)
![Optimal Workshop Logo](/images/logo.png)


Format: [Link Text](url)
[Optimal Workshop](
Published on Apr 18, 2016
  • Matthew
  • Matthew is a front-end web and interaction designer at Optimal Workshop.

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