First click test for Saint Patrick’s Day

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For St. Patrick’s Day 2014, we decided to create a fun and quick first click test using Chalkmark. The objective was to test your geographical knowledge of Ireland and Optimal Workshop. We created 4 tasks and we promoted our survey on Twitter 3 days ago. We received 46 completed surveys.

Chalkmark is a first click testing tool used to evaluate screenshots and wireframes. Participants are asked to click on an image when completing a task. The results of these clicks and tasks can be displayed in heatmaps, greyscale heatmaps, grids and in selection form. Let’s check out the results now;

Task 1: Click on the map where you think Ireland is located

Results: 89% of participants knew where Ireland is located. I’m a little worried on where the other 11% clicked. As you can see, participants also clicked on California, Iceland, Madagascar, Northern Spain, Italy and Antarctica. I’ll let you guys evaluate that one!

Task 2: Click on the map of Ireland where you think Dublin city is located

Image on the left is what we used during the test. Image on the right shows you the counties of Ireland.

Results: 29% of participants clicked on the correct area. As you can see on the image to the right, Dublin (city) is located in the mid-east of Ireland. More than 9% thought Dublin was located in the Midlands and 7% from the mid-west of Ireland. It looks like everyone else just had a random guess. Hard lucks guys.

Task 3: Click on the map where you think Optimal Workshop’s office is located

Results: 33% of people knew that the headquarters of Optimal Workshop are located in Wellington, New Zealand. 11% went for San Francisco, 22% for New York, 9% for UK and Ireland. Other clicks show that people thought we worked in the snow caps of Russia and Greenland.

Task 4: Click on the Optimal Workshop employee who you think is from Ireland

The Optimal Workshop Soccer team: (starting from the left) Matthew, Ross, Alan, Ellery and Samantha.

Results: Matthew got 31% of the votes, Ross got 39% (ahem, what’s with the 4% vote?), Alan got 18%, Ellery got one vote and Samantha got 4%. So who’s the Irish guy? Well 18% of the participants were correct – Alan is from Dublin, Ireland. The french hat on top of his head probably threw most people off the scent.

Well that’s that. Just a simple Chalkmark survey, created in 5 minutes, took participants less than one to complete and found out some fun insights. Hope you enjoyed this post. If you got any questions, feel free to leave your comments below.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Alan O’Neill