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During my internship when I first started here at Optimal Workshop in 2014 I did a lot of work primarily on Chalkmark. As a result, I love the idea of introducing new improvements to the tool. When we had a Chalkmark-themed sprint a while back, I was tasked with prioritizing and implementing some new features, so I thought I might share some of the goodness that's now available for you to play with in Chalkmark.

You can now give each task within Chalkmark one or more correct answers. This means when you upload an image of a screenshot of your website — or even a paper prototype — you can assign “correct area/s” to match the answer of your task. With “correct areas” opening up a measure of success or failure, our results platform can now provide a far more detailed analysis of a design’s overall performance. These task results introduced to Chalkmark will speed up your analysis and comparison of tasks and designs. In addition, determining “correct areas” before you launch the survey allows for a comparison between the researcher’s expectations and what the participants actually did. Chalkmark’s “correct areas” can be created at any point in a survey’s lifetime, which means that you can take advantage of this cool new feature on your existing launched and finished surveys too.

Let’s take a look at how you can now access this feature.

Getting started with “correct areas” in Chalkmark

On the Tasks tab within the Edit Survey section, you’ll now see “Edit correct areas” for each task in your surveys.

Once you have created and labeled some areas, save the changes and visit the “Task Results” tab in the survey’s results. You’ll see an analysis of how successful your participants were at correctly achieving the task.

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Setting “correct areas” in Chalkmark enables a deeper analysis of how your participants perform in your Chalkmark tasks and how the results can differ from your own expectations.

With backwards compatibility for existing and completed surveys, you can instantly improve your Chalkmark survey results by adding correct areas today!

Published on Apr 27, 2016
Chad Sandeman
  • Chad Sandeman
  • Chad is one of Optimal Workshop's many talented developers.

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