Chalkmark Heatmap Updates

We've just released some updates to Chalkmark's heatmaps:

  1. You can now optionally choose to view your image in greyscale with the heatmap overlaid. This can be very helpful if your screenshot or mockup is particularly colourful causing the heatmap to get a little lost.
  2. Individual dots on the heatmap are no longer elliptical, but instead they are now circular as they should be!
  3. The colours are much hotter than they were previously. Significantly less application of lavender.
  4. Your heatmaps are now available as a downloadable PDF. Long time friends will remember that this feature used to be there but got dropped in the midst of our major platform upgrade last year. It has returned. Oh joy!

Got all that? Image greyscale. Dots circular. Less lavender. Downloadable PDF. Fantastic.

Wireframe Heatmap from a Chalkmark Usability Study Wireframe Heatmap from a Chalkmark Usability Study

Thanks for listening. You can see these things for yourself in the demo (except the PDF because downloads are not currently supported for shared results), or by logging in and looking at your own existing usability studies.


Published on Nov 16, 2011
Andrew Mayfield

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