Card sorting discussion with the author of Card Sorting : Defining Usable Categories

Many of our customers have taken advantage of our promotion and downloaded a free copy of the latest book on card sorting.

Encouraged by the response, we asked the author, Donna Spencer, if she could be available to take questions from our customers. She said yes. So, the next 1 hour session will be on:

Friday 29 May 2009 at 3pm (GMT - 7 USA West Coast)

This corresponds to 6pm in New York, 8am in Sydney and 10am in Wellington. Find out what time this is in your area.

The session is a chance for you to ask questions of Donna and learn from other participants. What we cover is completely up to you. We suggest you bring questions about card sorting and think about things you can share with others.

The session is free and will run for approximately 1 hour.

Register here and to get details on how to join the teleconference. To join, all you need is a phone.

Published on May 20, 2009
  • Sam Ng
  • Sam Ng is one of Optimal Workshop's founders.

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