Calling all researchers and designers!


Want to share your expertise? Do you love to teach others about your processes?

At Optimal Workshop, we love helping all the researchers and designers in our community. Whether it's providing advice, support, or even bouncing ideas with some of our users, we try to help share the knowledge so people can test at their best. At the moment, we're planning on releasing a curated ebook — picture a collection of tips and tricks that you, as researchers, have up your sleeves.

The topic is 'Best practices for user interviews' and we want your top tips!

Maybe you know the best way to approach people to participate in your study. Perhaps you have a great notetaking system while you're interviewing. Or maybe you have an awesome way to analyze and present your research findings from your interview. Either way, we'd love to hear about it.

If you'd like to contribute a 800+ word chapter to our guide, simply send an email to In return, we'll send you the finished and designed ebook, include your photo, bio and links to your social media account, and promote it across our site and social media channels. Don't forget that awesome feeling you'll get knowing you're helping others in your community too!

Got some sweet tips?

If you've got a couple bite-sized tips up your sleeve but don't want to write a full chapter, Tweet us your advice and we'll publish it in a page in the ebook!

Published on Jul 26, 2016
Max Koh
  • Max Koh
  • Max is Optimal Workshop's UX writer/word person, resident cat whisperer and Samoyed enthusiast. Connect with her on LinkedIn:

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