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Just before Christmas we rolled out an update for OptimalSort, Treejack and Chalkmark introducing automatic saving of surveys.

This means you no longer have to save your survey manually because it will be saved automatically each time you make a change. You can still hit the save button too if it makes you feel good!

Why autosave? Two reasons:

  1. We want to save you time wherever we can. The less time you spend saving the more time you save. Of course we're gambling that everything you do is worth saving...
  2. There were a couple of places in the app where it wasn't very clear whether or not your changes had been saved. Adding new tasks in Treejack or Chalkmark for example. It felt like you'd completely added a task to your survey, and it looked that way, but you had to press the 'Save' button. Why!? Why would we assume you don't want that task until you explicitly say so?! Personally, I feel much better now that we assume you want to keep everything unless you explicitly press 'Delete'.

In short, we are always working to improve the user experience for our users, just like you are doing for yours by using our usability tools.

But how will I know if my survey has been saved?

Once you've made a change to your survey (and click outside the changed text field), we will automatically perform the save for you. While a save is occurring a small spinner will appear on the 'Save' button and it will be temporarily disabled. Once the survey has been saved a message will appear underneath the button saying "Save successful". How appropriate :-)

Published on Jan 10, 2012
  • Ross
  • Ross is lead developer at Optimal Workshop.

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