Rebecca Klee

Rebecca is a user researcher at Optimal Workshop. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, found at

Optimal Workshop on the road: How we’ve made it work remotely

Recently, a few members of the Optimal Workshop worked remotely in various places around the world. See how we managed our work remotely here!

How to run fast and affordable usability tests with hard-to-reach, high-earning users

Recruiting participants for usability studies can be tricky, but there are ways around this hurdle. Read on to find out UX Agony Aunt's advice!

A snapshot of Optimal Workshop customers

We recently invited a number of our researchers to complete a survey in order to develop a wider snapshot of how people use our tools.

Card descriptions: Testing the effect of contextual information in card sorts

Card sorts are in essence a simple technique, however it’s the details of the sort that can determine the quality of your results.

How Samantha spruced up our sign-up page

Our user onboarding and optimization expert Samantha took some time to revamp our sign-up page in order to increase conversions.

How Andy is using OptimalSort to prioritize our product improvements

Our new Product Manager Andy has taken on the task of prioritizing product improvements using our very own OptimalSort.

How Matt is making UX New Zealand more awesome

I caught up with Matt to find out how he became involved in UX New Zealand, how things went last year and what’s in store for UX New Zealand 2016.

UX book review: How to make sense of any mess

In this part of the UX Book Review series, we look at 'How to make sense of any mess' and how information architecture relates to everybody.