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Jess is an Optimal Workshop contributing content writer. Crafting great content is her fix, when not reading up on all things UX.

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Create a user research plan with these steps

A great user experience (UX) is one of the largest drivers of growth and revenue through user satisfaction. However, when budgets get tight, or there is a squeeze on timelines, user research is one of the first things to go. Often at the cost of user satisfaction.   This short sighted view can mean project managers... View Article

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Moderated vs unmoderated research: which approach is best?

Knowing and understanding why and how your users use your product is invaluable for getting to the nitty gritty of usability. Delving deep with probing questions into motivation or skimming over looking for issues can equally be informative.  Put super simply, usability testing literally is testing how usable your product is for your users. If... View Article

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Why user research is essential for product development

Many organizations are aware that staying relevant essential for their success. This can mean a lot of things to different organizations. What it often means is coming up with plenty of new, innovative ideas and products to keep pace with the demands and needs of the marketplace. It also means keeping up with the expectations... View Article

4 min read
Unmoderated usability testing: a checklist

In-person moderated user testing is a valuable part of any research project. Meaning you can see first-hand how your users interact with your prototypes and products. But in-person isn’t always a viable option. What to do if your project needs user testing but it’s just not possible to get in front of your users personally? ... View Article

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How to create an effective customer journey map

Understanding your customers is central to any organization which wants to deliver an outstanding experience. But how do you understand your customers better? Tailoring their experience with your products and your organization to suit them should include a customer journey map. It doesn’t mean your organization needs a brightly colored, fully designed infographic that outlines... View Article

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Why taxonomy is important for your content strategy

During the design process information architecture is often carried out by an information architect and/or a team of UX designers, developers, and other professionals.  As a content professional, it’s best not to stand at arm’s length. It’s important to understand the basics of information architecture and how it impacts your content strategy and user experience.... View Article

4 min read
Different ways to test information architecture

We all know that building a robust information architecture (IA) can make or break your product. And getting it right can rely on robust user research. Especially when it comes to creating human-centered, intuitive products that deliver outstanding user experiences. But what are the best methods to test your information architecture? To make sure that... View Article

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Information architecture is much more than navigation

Information architecture is so much more than finding your way around a website or app. IA should be considered the foundation of a great user experience. The planning and consideration that goes into how information is organized labeled, and named. Once this foundation is laid, the user interface is what sits above and allows users... View Article

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Why information architecture is important for designers

Sitting inside any beautifully crafted and designed digital product, there must be a fully functional and considered information architecture. As much as information architecture shouldn’t be developed in a vacuum. Neither should the design and look of digital products. In fact, a large proportion of the function of digital designers is devoted to supporting users... View Article

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Why is information architecture important to UX design?

What is information architecture? According to Abby Covert, a leader in the field of information architecture, IA is ‘the way we arrange the parts to make sense of the whole.’ Information architecture (IA) is found in every digital product, from websites and apps to an intranet.  For the purposes of this article we focus on... View Article

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