Guest Writer: Dave O'Brien

Dave has been researching, designing, and testing user interfaces for 20 years in Toronto, San Diego, and Wellington, most recently with Optimal Experience. He is also the creator of Treejack, Optimal Workshop's tree-testing app, author of an upcoming book on tree testing, and dabbler in Android apps.

Tree testing in the design process — Part 2: The design phase

After explaining how tree testing fits into the research phase in part one of this series, Dave O'Brien now tells us where it sits within the design...

Tree testing in the design process — Part 1: The research phase

Every facet of design — research, information architecture, visual design, content strategy — affects everything else. Read on to find out how.

How to Spot and Destroy Evil Attractors in Your Tree (Part 1)

Dave O'Brien from Optimal Experience talks us through how to identify evil attractors in ours tree tests — and how we can fix them.