Ania Mastalerz

Ania is a user researcher at Optimal Workshop. When she's not researching the researchers, she's shredding on Mt. Ruapehu and eating healthy snacks.

How to interview users

User interviews are both an art and a science. Read on to learn about best practices from our User Researcher Ania.

Tagging your way to success: How to make sense of your qualitative research

Qualitative research analysis is a hefty task. To help make sense of your research, use tagging to organize your data.

How to introduce better research practices

How can you convince your boss or coworkers to take on better research practices? And why is this important? Read on to find out.

How to test paper prototypes with users

Paper prototypes are an awesome way to introduce research early in the design process. They’re cheap, useful, and testing them is actually kind of fun.

Treejack and OptimalSort visualizations get some love

Recently, our Lead Developer Ross took some time to make some improvements to our pietrees and dendrograms. Check them out here.

A quick analysis of feedback collected with OptimalSort

Your participants in OptimalSort can leave comments, which allows you to get the most out of your remote card sorting studies.

Using paper prototypes in UX

Despite a fair amount of criticism, paper prototypes have become a popular tool used among researchers. Here, we explore this tool in more detail.

How to write great questions for your research

Small wording changes can impact your data in a big way. Make sure your questions are written correctly to get high quality results.

What the User Researchers have been up to…

Our User Researchers have been listening to what users have had to say about Reframer — the newest addition to the Optimal Workshop family.

My first week as a user researcher

I’ve always wanted to get involved directly in the UX industry, and now I’ve found myself in the very middle of it. Read my journey — past, present and future!