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How to create a UX research plan

How to conduct a user interview

A beginner’s guide to qualitative and quantitative research

6 things to consider when setting up a research practice

New to UX? Here are 8 TED Talks to get you started

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Looking back on 2018 with Andrew Mayfield, CEO

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How to interpret your card sort results Part 1: open and hybrid card sorts

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Building a brand new experience for Reframer

My journey running a design sprint

How to define and refine ontology

The information architecture of libraries part 2:  Library of Congress Classification

Arts, crafts and user feedback: How to engage your team through creative play

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How to become a more valuable UX professional: 3 factors to increase your worth

Website review: IKEA US

Squirrel shoes, yoga and spacesuits: My experience at CanUX 2017

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Form review: IRS US Individual Income Tax Return 2016 Form

10 information architecture traps we all fall into: Part 1

A look back on UX New Zealand 2017: Value, sprints, collaboration and more

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Optimal Workshop on the road: How we’ve made it work remotely

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Website review: ASOS

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Why data is becoming the albatross around your neck

Helping developers develop empathy at Atlassian

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Planning a tree test: Part II

How to find your voice

You know you’re not collaborating when…

3.5 Lean UX hacks to help you succeed in large organizations

What I learned while designing an ecosystem

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7 ways to get other departments into user research

Designing form fields: Optional versus required

Design in the Iron Cage: Part II

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Tagging your way to success: How to make sense of your qualitative research

Design in the Iron Cage: Part I

Approaching the complexities and subtleties of an automotive UX

How to design with mental health accessibility in mind

Putting employees at the centre of intranet information architecture

How we created a content strategy without realizing it

5 things to tick off before launching a remote card sort

9 months and nothing to show for it: Our behind-the-scenes changes to OptimalSort

When to go guerilla with recruiting

How to do a content audit Part I: How and why

Planning a tree test: Part I

Why should you run a tree test?

Designing for conversational user interfaces: A Q&A with Stratis Valachis

How to communicate information architecture to others

How to benchmark your information architecture

Are we using design to make the world a less valuable place?

How to get the most out of tree testing

Qualitative research: Some is better than none

New to Reframer: Tag groups and custom colors

How to get started with customer journey mapping

Discovery projects: Finding out what we don’t know

A new way to organize your studies

The FAQs of UX Agony Aunt

Capture the context: Pro tips for user interviews

NPS® and Likert items added to question types

New feature: Category card limits

How to build rapport in a user interview

5 lessons user researchers can learn from a longtime interviewee

13 time-saving tips and tools for conducting great user interviews

Changing peer perspectives: The first step to designing better experiences

How can we reach internal users and get them excited about participating in user research?

Better research with Optimal Workshop and MURAL

Just published: A free book-length guide to tree testing

How to run fast and affordable usability tests with hard-to-reach, high-earning users

Questions for Questions: How we surveyed our users about our new tool

Tree testing in the design process — Part 2: The design phase

The unicorn is dead: Soft skills trump coding skills

From A to UX

Time, space and information architecture

How we support the Optimal Workshop community

What is temporal design thinking?

Cognitive biases in user research

User research in an agile environment

How to introduce better research practices

Business analysis and the politics of design

Bots are here…. but don’t be afraid

67 ways to use the Optimal Workshop Suite of user research tools

The design for emerging technologies

Make better content for everyone (or how I learned to stop whining and love the content audit)

UX Yoga – Or how to do UX in an agile world

What is Speculative Design?

Understanding a museum’s digital audience

T’s, E’s, Paint Drips, and Webs: What makes a UX Generalist?

A conversation on virtual reality: The past, the present, and beyond

Automation fascination

We’ve changed our pricing

How to encourage people to participate in your study

How to create awareness of UX and run a workshop

3 ways you can use online surveys in your UX research

A snapshot of Optimal Workshop customers

How to test paper prototypes with users

Dodging the demo dilemma

CEO update: Always be building

Calling all researchers and designers!

Tree testing in the design process — Part 1: The research phase

Introducing participant screening

A UX Picnic with Donna Spencer: The FAQ of information architecture

A few points to consider before chucking in the towel

Card descriptions: Testing the effect of contextual information in card sorts

How many people use search over navigation?

Treejack takes a trip with American Airlines

Treejack and OptimalSort visualizations get some love

How to create use cases

Understanding UI design and its principles

A guide to conducting a heuristic evaluation

How to do an A/B test

A quick analysis of feedback collected with OptimalSort

A short guide to personas

Testing FAQs with people who don’t use your site

Correct areas for Chalkmark

How to rehome your qualitative research notes into Reframer

Post-task questions for Treejack and Chalkmark

Gettin' down with Markdown

Using paper prototypes in UX

How to write great questions for your research

How Samantha spruced up our sign-up page

How Andy is using OptimalSort to prioritize our product improvements

Which comes first: card sorting or tree testing?

Is closed card sorting an outdated technique for IA?

Anatomy of a website: website architecture

How Matt is making UX New Zealand more awesome

What the User Researchers have been up to…

Taking better notes for better sensemaking

My first week as a user researcher

Web usability guide

UX book review: How to make sense of any mess

Around the world in 80 burgers—when Chalkmark met McDonald’s

UX book review: Shane, the lone ethnographer — A beginner's guide to ethnography

Usability testing

The remote testing tool that keeps on giving: When Chalkmark met Coca-Cola

Qualitative research methods

The importance of roles in making meaningful project experiences

Ask me anything: Boon Sheridan, principal and raconteur of coincidental arts

All grown up: what first-click testing can teach us about an enterprise

Dump trucks, explosives, and service design. A story about my UX career.

With great power comes great responsibility: How to keep your UX know-how in the know

Do I need a degree to become a good UX Designer?

Nailing the Reframer 'capture' experience

You can now gather data on card order in OptimalSort

Carving up the community: User research approaches when designing for government

The story of ConceptCodify from its founder

Reframer strikes a chord ... diagram

Reframer gets the *STAR* treatment

"So, what do we get for our money?" Quantifying the ROI of UX

We've updated our Terms of Service

Where digital sits on the org chart: A coming of age story

Avoiding bias in the oh-so-human world of user testing

To wizard, or not to wizard: designing forms that work

Holding your ground: how to negotiate fees as a freelance UXer

"I need to upsell an item for charity during the online checkout process..."

How do I break the perception that UX research is 'slow'?

Are small links more attractive to people as icons or text?

Card Sorting outside UX: How I use online card sorting for in-person sociological research

Behind the scenes of UX work on Trade Me's CRM system

Finally, our 4th tool is out!

"Could I A/B test two content structures with Treejack?!"

Designing for delight in the industry of fun: My story and observations

A sparkly new user interface for your participants

Conference: UX New Zealand. Get excited!

Collating your user testing notes: Patterns, themes, and insights gained from scoring, tagging and merging

Conversations lead to actions, reports lead to filing cabinets

How to record qualitative observations

"I'm a recent graduate who wants a UI/UX career. Any tips, advice, or leads to get me started?"

Does the first click really matter? Treejack says yes

"What books do you recommend on quantitative analysis of user tests?"

An improved results platform for tree testing with Treejack

"How do I explain what UX is?!"

Treejack Improvements: Bloopers and Deleted Scenes

Office LEGO Man and the Ultimate UX Toolkit (a match made in UX heaven)

My WIAD 2015 Adventure: How I attended a global conference from home

"How can we reach outside of our known circles to grow our research groups?"

How we used card sorting to design a Style Guide for web developers and UX designers

Six ways to run closed card sorts like a boss

97 tags, 37 categories, 172 remote participants: How we're taming our blog with card sorting

100s of resources, a discerning audience, and a brand new IA: How open card sorting saved the day

Teacher taxonomy: What tree testing told us about our website

Researching the researchers and designing for designers

Baby, You Can Park My Car: A vehicular taxonomy mystery

A Matter of Life and Death: Finding content on Manchester United's website

Twelve Days of UX Christmas

Tree testing and card sorting Yelp's support content

Thanksgiving, Chalkmark, and the biggest Turkey: Study findings

From Exposition to Resolution: Looking at User Experience as a Narrative Arc

Firepits and s'mores at Mile Rock Beach

UserTesting hearts San Francisco

A cute dog can transform a ho-hum moment

Street art in Washington DC takes her eye

So Massachusetts...what's engaging you this week? Another WUD moment

We used five remote user testing techniques to analyze Yelp for our ebook

Can remote tree testing predict moderated results? A fascinating study by a UX expert

What engages someone who lives in NYC? The WUD build up continues

A short insight into life in Mountain View

UX Design in practise — upcoming ebook analyzes Yelp's desktop website

Lou Rosenfeld and the sweet, sweet pull of analytics

Moderated Card Sorts VS Online Card Sorts — why you need both

What things engage you on a daily basis?

$800, 67 loans, 31 countries

Excellent! A new card sorting course from U1 Group

Development update from Optimal Workshop

Chalkmark rolls out a new animation video

Why UX Australia was awesome — and responses to our survey question about UX tedium!

An approach to learning at conferences

What is Product Design? Insert your answer here

World Usability Day 2014 - What contest should we run?

Doodle-y doodle-y doo, deedle-y deedle-y dee

Are users always right? Well. It's complicated

Editorial Guidelines for Optimal Workshop

Ross speaks! A five minute chat with one of our developers

How to test your ideas

22 examples of evil design

Some UX and design gloriousness from the web

What does the term 'Global UX' mean to you?

User research and agile squadification at Trade Me

Our knowledge base sprint has begun — watch this space

The UX language debate — why it's not a bad thing

Congratulations you guys! Optimal Experience joins PwC

Thoughts on what made Matt Mullenweg's talk so compelling

What you want to see in an intranet

Participant recruitment made easy and fast

Meow! Check out these CATegories from our CatSort survey

My realisations about intranets from attending Intranets2014

User testing — 7 ways to step up your freelance game

How to Spot and Destroy Evil Attractors in Your Tree (Part 1)

The Taxonomy of Cats — Take the survey and see the results

Your first impressions of our new Chalkmark design

Chalkmark and the Tao te Ching — A usability study for Iowa State University

Two new books that have made our week

Selling your design recommendations to clients and colleagues

Auditing the IRS With Treejack

TV Interface testing with Chalkmark

Comparing Open and Hybrid Card Sorts with

Supporting the ‘Tame Taxonomy’ workshop

First click test for Saint Patrick's Day

'Pay per survey' plan now available

Optimal Workshop welcomes WebSort and PlainFrame users!

Hybrid card sorting

New features added to OptimalSort

UX Resolutions (2014)

Hold the Mayo: Tree-testing the Mayo Clinic website

Find WHO? Tree-testing the World Health Organization

World Usability Day 2013

UX Community and SaaS Marketing Ninja

The State of UX in South East Asia

Participant Experience Makeover

We want to pay you!

How to pick cards for card sorting

Survey psychology: The psychology of respondents

Tree testing won't predict the impact of visual design and that's the beauty of it.

New: Tree Coverage Graph

A case study: Heuristic review and tree test informs a redesign

UX and careers in banking – Yawn or YAY?

Quantifying the value of UX design - the interactive infographic

The New Zealand Innovators Awards 2012

UX in New Zealand with Richard Douglass

A developer's experience of a UX conference

The marriage of content strategy and information architecture

Julian's 5 tips for Tree Testing

4 options for running a card sort

Validating personas using Chalkmark

7 reasons for crappy web content

Sneaky: OptimalSort on iPad

Making (useful) information easy to find

Loving the Pietree 2.0

Keeping it easy

Speak easy, or is that easily?

Be saved!

Online or offline card sorting?

The Pietree: Visualising Tree Test Results

Chalkmark Heatmap Updates

Participant Centric Card Sort Analysis

Webinar: Advanced Tree Testing

Webinar: Getting Started with Tree Testing

Why card sorting loves tree testing

A simple poke in the ribs

Major upgrade for OptimalSort

Leading by Design

Lying to yourself

Treejack Webinar Downloads

Picking the right tool for the job

Have you experienced cute design?

A trusty steed

Card sorting Q&A discussion with Donna Spencer this Friday

Card sorting Q&A discussion with Donna Spencer next Friday

Friends from competitors

Card sorting discussion with the author of Card Sorting : Defining Usable Categories

Strategies to get UX work funded

Pricing information for Optimal Workshop applications

Our "Would you like a book with that?" promotion

Values as a design tool - our manifesto

Chat with Jason Holmes at IA Summit 09

Interview with Peter Morville at IA Summit 09

On being useful (and interesting)