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As part of our epic World Usability Day promotion for 2014, and because this year's theme is 'engagement', we've invited our partners to send us images of things they've been finding engaging in their daily lives.

Today we hear from Jerry Cao, a content strategist for UXPin. UXPin are generously offering a free year's subscription to their design software as part of the WUD giveaway — how cool is that!?

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Jerry Cao on what he finds engaging

"Cascal is an amazing tapas restaurant that's a 5 minute walk from our office in Mountain View. It's the most vibrant place you can pick to eat lunch at in the entire downtown area. The engaging decor, rich Latin food, and warm hospitality instantly whisks us away from the office complexes of Silicon Valley.


They also make their own sangria and provide endless house-made focaccia bread with aioli sauce, which is a dream come true for a carboholic like me. Just looking at their sampler platter makes me forget where I am. It's great to forget about deadlines and deliverables for 2 hours a week and pretend we're just hanging out on a Spanish afternoon."

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Published on Oct 31, 2014
Kathryn Reeves

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