6 Optimal Workshop improvements to make your user research experience easier

4 min read Optimal Workshop

When it comes to supporting your quantitative and qualitative user research, we’re always looking for ways to make your in-app experience smoother and easier. From automating receipts through to more intuitive filtering, take a look at what we’ve released or improved over the past month.

Guest notetakers can now use tags in Reframer

Share the load – make user interviews or usability testing a team effort. You can now give your guest notetakers the ability to use the tags you’ve created during interview sessions. That means less work for you when it comes to post-interview tagging, and gives your notetakers the chance to further contribute to research sessions.

Simply tick the checkbox in the Study members tab and you’re away! Prefer to keep your tags private? Not a problem, just leave that checkbox unticked.

Allow guest notetakers to use tags in Reframer.

Popular Placements Matrix now downloadable for closed card sorts in OptimalSort

The Popular Placements Matrix shows you which cards were most popular for each of the categories in your closed card sort. To make it easier to share what’s hot (and what’s not) with stakeholders and team members, we’ve added the ability to download the matrix in PNG, SVG and spreadsheet files.

Retain questionnaire logic when duplicating studies

If you’re duplicating a study that has pre-screening or pre/post-study questions, the logic applied to the questionnaire is now duplicated as well, saving you time and effort if you’ve got a variety of similar (but different) studies to conduct.

Improvements to Participant table filtering

Filtering and selecting participants across multiple pages in the Participant table can sometimes get a little tricky. We’ve made it easier for you – any filters you apply or participants you select will now be remembered as you move through the participant pages. One less thing for you to worry about when you’re trawling through all that data!

Selected filters and participants will now be remembered as you toggle through pages.

Automated receipts for in-app purchases

We’ve made it easier to keep up to date with your Optimal Workshop payments. For customers paying via credit card, we’ll automatically send your receipts to the account owner email. Receipts will continue to be available in the Billing tab should you need them. 

You can update the recipient email address at any time in the Settings > Billing tab of your Optimal Workshop account. If you’d prefer not to receive receipts via email you can opt out at any time by unchecking the box.

Sticky filtering in questionnaire results across all quant tools

Got a lot of questions and participants to sift through in your Questions survey or pre and post study questionnaire? Now, when you add a filter on the Questionnaire tab the bar will stick at the top, so you can continue to see what you’re filtering as you move down through your questionnaire results.

What’s coming soon?

Improvements to OptimalSort’s bulk import functionality

You’ll be able to keep or overwrite existing cards when bulk importing cards into an OptimalSort study. This means you can import new labels from a spreadsheet at any stage during your study setup without your current cards being deleted or overwritten (unless you’ve opted to overwrite them).

Results visualizations when choosing card sort

Depending on the type of card sort you choose (open, closed or hybrid), you’ll get different analysis visualizations. Soon, we’ll show you the types of results visualizations you’ll get with your card sort before you start it, so you know what to expect at the end of the study.

Duplicate questions in surveys

You asked, we’re delivering! Creating your Questions survey or pre and post study questionnaire is about to get a whole lot easier. Soon you’ll be able to duplicate questions when creating your study.

We’ve got lots of great improvements and releases coming up to make your Optimal Workshop experience better. Is there something in particular you’d like to see? Login now and pop it into our feedback and feature requests queue!